A total of 8 choirs from Europe and America participated in the first year of the Musica Orbis Prague Festival, which took place from 27th June to 1st July 2019. The participating choirs filled the most beautiful concert halls of Prague with music, such as the Church of St. Simon and Jude, the Czech Museum of Music and others. The choirs had the opportunity to accompany the Mass in St. Vitus Cathedral with their singing.


Grand Prix:
 Strumochok / Ukraine

Video from competition performance – Strumochok


Gold Medal in Unrestricted repertoire category
Gold Medal in Foklore music category
Mládí / Czech Republic  

Video from competition performance – Mládí 


Silver Medal in Sacred music category
Silver Medal in Folklore music category:
Mladosť / Slovakia

Video from competition performance- Mladosť 


Gold Medal in Folklore music category
Audience Award:
Spjevule / Slovakia

Video from competition performance – Spjevule 


Silver Medal in Unrestrected repertoire category
Pěvecké sdružení pražských učitelek / Czech Republic

Video from competition performance – Pěvecké sdružení pražských učitelek 

Special awards

Special award for excellent vocal culture:
Mládí / Czech Republic

Special award for exceptional performance:
Spjevule / Slovakia