Day 1

Arrival Day | THU, 7th JULY 2022

Sightseeing tour of Prague Join our local guides and explore the “City of a Hundred Spires”. Visit the famous Prague Castle and the magnificent St. Vitus’s Cathedral before walking over the Charles Bridge.

Optional festival concerts in beautiful venues in Prague.

Day 2

Opening Day | FRI, 8th JULY 2022

Official welcome at the Prague Town Hall. Greeting by a representative of the City of Prague at one of the most significant buildings in the very heart of Prague.

Workshop with Czech conductors. Gain insights into the rich Czech musical tradition with a professional clinician.

Opening concert at the Wallenstein Palace. Give your first short performance in front of local audiences in the unique hall of the Wallenstein Palace, home to the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

Welcome dinner at the art nouveau-style Municipal House Café.

Day 3

Competition Day | SAT, 9th JULY 2022

Perform with your choral competition program in a historic venue in front of the professional Jury and excited audience! Throughout the whole day you will compete and compare your talents, enthusiasm and the new ideas you bring to classical music with ensembles from all over the world. (Non-competitive option also available).

Announcement of results and evening award ceremony.

Dinner cruise. Join the other ensembles and celebrate your successful festival performance with a cruise on the Vltava river!

Day 4

Grand Finale Day | SUN, 10th JULY 2022

Mass participation in St. Vitus’s Cathedral. Perform at the greatest Czech cathedral in the largest Castle in the world.

Individual or joint festival concerts. Charm the local audiences with your singing in a beautiful venue in downtown Prague.

Day 5

Farewell and Departure | MON, 11th JULY 2022