Competing choirs
  • Competing choirs must perform one a capella piece.
  • The length of the competing program is limited to 15 minutes of total time (including performance, entering, and leaving the stage)
  • The Jury will issue an official certificate based on the final results of the choir.
  • Piece composed by Czech or choir´s national composer will be an appreciated addition to the repertoire


Non-competing choirs
  • There are no restrictions on repertoire or age.

General Conditions of Musica Orbis Prague Festival 2022

  • The festival is open to amateur choirs only. The conductor may be a professional musician.
  • The registration fee must be paid upon registration.
  • Full scores of the competing program must be sent to the organizer by the end of the registration period together with the exact order of the performed pieces.
  • All choirs will submit a short recording or Youtube link not older than 2 years together with their registration.
  • Each choir will have a 10-minute soundcheck at the competition venue.
  • Participants are not allowed to use any sound equipment, all repertoire must be performed acoustically.
  • A piano will be available for all choirs to use for both soundcheck and performance.
  • All participants, who wish to sing during the mass in St. Vitus’s Cathedral, must choose one sacred piece of their repertoire and have it approved by the organizers.
  • Choirs are responsible for their own transportation at their own expense.
  • All choirs* are required to book one of the offered price packages.

*Local choirs (from the Czech Republic and Slovakia) may contact the organizers for special arrangements.




Category A – Unrestricted repertoire

Category B – Sacred music

Category C – Folklore
C1 – Children’s Choirs (up to 16 years of age*)
C2 – Adult Choirs

Category D – Non-competitive
D1 – Children’s Choirs (up to 16 years of age*)
D2 – Adult Choirs