Before October 15th, 2021: Fill and send the application form.

Two weeks after registration: Pay the registration fee.

Before October 31th,2021: Submit a list of competitive and non-competitive song with a copy of the scores.

Send all the above-mentioned documents to


1. Categories:

The festival is open to amateur choirs only. The choirmaster may be a professional.

Children’s Choirs

  • Competitive category A
  • Non-competitive category C

Adult’s Choirs

  • Competitive category A – mixed choirs
  • Competitive category B – men’s / women’s choirs

Non-competitive category C


2. Conditions of participation

Competitive categories (A, B)

  • Choirs must perform at least 1 song a capella
  • Free repertoire
  • Song by a Czech composer will be an appreciated addition to your programme
  • Competitive performance must not exceed 15 minutes (including performance, entering and leaving the stage)

Non-competitive category (C)

  • Free choice of repertoire – a capella or accompanied
  • Performance must not exceed 15 minutes (including arrival and departure of the choir)


3. General conditions

  • The registration form must be submitted by 15th October 2021
  • Registration fee 30€ / paritcipant must be paid within 2 weeks after the registration, no later than 31th Registration fee is not-refundable.
  • All participants must submit a list of competitive and non-competitive songs with a copy of the scores by October 31st.
  • All participants, who wish to sing during the mass in St. Vitus’s Cathedral, must choose a one sacred piece. Choirs will send the score to the festival organizer together with other scores by 31th October. The organizer will provide a sheet music of Dona Nobis piece which will be sung as a joint song at the end of the Mass.
  • Each choir will have a 10-minutes soundcheck in the Concert Hall of Bohuslav Martinů at specific time.
  • Participants are not allowed to use any sound equipment, the entire choral performance must be performed acoustically.
  • The piano will be available for both the soundcheck and the performance.
  • The jury’s evaluation will be based on 30-point evaluation system which will place the choir into one the gold, silver or bronze levels.
  • Choirs are responsible for their own transportation at their own expense.


4. Evaluation

The performance of every competing choir will be evaluated by truly renowned experts in the field of choral music, Mgr. et MgA. Marek Valášek, Ph.D., MgA. Janka Rychlá and PhDr. Luboš Hána, PhD.

All conductors will have the opportunity to attend a short evaluation meeting with the members of the jury, where they will be provided with feedback of their performance. This applies to both competitive and non-competitive categories.

Competitive categories (A, B)

The Jury evaluates the overall interpretive level of the choir according to the criteria:

  • Technical performance – voice culture, vocal technique, intonation, rhythm
  • Interpretation – dynamics, tempo, sound color, phrasing, style of interpretation, etc.
  • Dramaturgy of competitive performance
  • Overall artistic impression

On the basis of the overall achieved points the choirs will be assigned:

25.00 – 30.00         Gold medal

20.00 – 24.99         Silver medal

15.00 – 19.99         Bronze medal

0.00 – 14.99           Honorable mention


The Winner of the category is the choir that will receive received the highest score in the category, provided there at least two choirs. The absolute winner of the festival is the choir with the highest score across the categories. The jury may award another special award according to their decision.


5. Final provisions

In case of unfavorable epidemiologic situation or government regulation the festival may be limited or canceled. However, we firmly believe, that this time we will meet in person and make this a memorable singing weekend!


GDPR DISCLAIMER: We handle all data following the GDPR-legislation. Pictures, audio, and video recordings made during the Festival as well as all personal data will be kept by the company and used for practical and non-commercial purposes only. They will only be shared with others if necessary for the organization of the Festival. The videos submitted to the online festival 2021 will be broadcasted and featured on our social media.



CHORAL COMPETITION CATEGORIES   Unrestricted repertoire:
A – Children’s Choirs (up to 18 years of age)
B – Adult Choirs


I.II – String Orchestras
II.I – Brass Bands
III. – Mixed Ensembles



Category A – Unrestricted repertoire
A1 – Children’s Choirs (up to 18 years of age)
A2 – Adult Choirs

Category B – Sacred music
B1 – Children’s Choirs (up to 18 years of age)
B2 – Adult Choirs

Category C – Folklore
C1 – Children’s Choirs (up to 18 years of age)
C2 – Adult Choirs


I. – String Orchestras
II. – Chamber Orchestras (with winds)
III. – Symphonic Bands
IV. – Symphony Orchestras