Musicians from around the world, CHOIR SINGERS, BAND AND ORCHESTRA PLAYERS, are heading to one of the most beautiful cities in the world not only to admire its charm but to add to it by filling its concert halls and squares with their talent and performance skills and to make their own mark in its long musical tradition!

Enjoy your four days of music-making in the metropolis that was home to great composers like Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana. Did you know musicians have always been inspired by Prague to create their world-famous masterpieces?

In the year 2020 we will celebrate the 250th BIRTHDAY OF LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, who visited Prague on numerous occasions. On your way down the hill after singing at the magnificent St. Vitus’s Cathedral at the Prague Castle, you may notice a picturesque house called Three Little Violins (according to its sign), where a skilled craftsman repaired Beethoven’s broken violin. In Prague Castle you can also visit the Lobkowicz Palace and admire the maestro’s manuscripts, alongside those of Mozart.

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART also loved to stay in Prague, where his music was immensely popular with the local citizens (this was brought home to Mozart when he heard a local baker’s boy whistling the melody from one of his opera arias). His visits to Prague are associated primarily with the Estates Theatre, where he conducted the world premiere of his opera Don Giovanni. In the Czech Museum of Music, one of the Musica Orbis Prague Festival concert venues, you can also find the piano Mozart played during his stays in Prague.