Festival City

Dear musicians,

Welcome to the city of a hundred spires!

Enjoy your four days of music-making in the metropolis that was home to great composers like Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana. Did you know they were inspired by Prague to create their world-famous musical masterpieces?

Smetana´s symphonic poem Má vlast (My Homeland) celebrates the countryside, history and legends of Bohemia. Two of its movements are connected with Prague: Vyšehrad is dedicated to the castle which was the seat of the earliest Czech kings, and Vltava describes the course of the Vltava river from its source in the Bohemian forest right up to its triumphant entry into the Golden City.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also loved to stay in Prague, where his music was extremely popular with the local citizens (this was brought home to Mozart when he heard a local baker’s boy whistling the melody from one of his opera arias). His visits to Prague are associated primarily with the Estates Theatre, where he conducted the world premiere of Don Giovanni, and the Church of St. Nicholas, where he played the organ. The Estates Theatre is the only surviving venue in which Mozart is known to have conducted his own operas.

Moreover, Prague is known as a charming city full of historical landmarks and beautiful places to discover. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and is listed in the Trip Advisor 2018 Travellers’ Choice as the seventh best place to visit in the world!
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