2019 Results Announcement!

We congratulate to all awarded choirs, and we would love to thank all choirs for participating in the very first year of Musica Orbis Prague Festival!

Grand Prix: Strumochok / Ukraine

Gold Medal in Sacred Music Category: Mládí / Czech Republic

Silver Medal in Sacred Music Category: Mladosť / Slovakia

Gold Medal in Folklore Music Category: Spjevule / Slovakia

Silver Medal in Folklore Music Category: Mladosť / Slovakia

Gold Medal in Unrestricted repertoire Category: Mládí / Czech Republic

Silver Medal in Unrestricted repertoire Category: Pěvecké sdružení pražských učitelek / Czech Republic

Audience Award: Spjevule / Slovakia

Special award for vocal culture: Mládí / Czech Republic

Special award for especially joyful performance: Spjevule / Slovakia

Musica Orbis Prague Choir Festival offers both competitive events and unfettered performance opportunities. With 25 years of experience in providing concert tours, we are happy to invite choirs from all over the world to sing in the Church of SS. Simon and Jude – one of Prague’s most beautiful venues – and to perform in front of our appreciative local audiences.

As part of the festival package, we also offer a unique opportunity for all participating choirs to perform a full-length concert outside of the festival programme in Prague or the surrounding area.

Choir workshops will be held as part of the festival and led by choir professionals, and all conductors will have the opportunity to meet and exchange their contacts and experiences.

Choirs with sacred repertoire can participate in the Sunday mass in St. Vitus’s Cathedral.

Extend your tour and after performing at Musica Orbis Prague Choir Festival continue to Slovakia and visit the International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava.

Save the dates!

16th–20th July 2020
8th–12th July 2021

„Musica Orbis was flawless. Mainly because of these 8 gems and great help of their parents and organizors. Thanks to everyone!“ conductor Miroslav Buzrla, Spjevule
„Thank you very much for the beautifully organized festival, our stay in Prague thanks to you was very pleasant.“ conductress Elena Malinovska, Strumochok
„Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your debut! We had a marvellous time in Prague and hope to return soon. Much Luck YME.“ conductor Dr. Steven Kronauer, LACC: Young Men´s Ensemble
„I enjoyed the Festival very much. Everything was nearby, the backstage support was great. Above all I appreciate the easy communication and accommodating all of our needs. I can highly recommend the festival to everyone. The river cruise was perfect! Thank you very much for everything.“ conductress Květa Kavánová, Mládí
„The individual judications from the jury (cake and coffee with directors) was a lively thing to do, Marni never had that before. They felt very welcome. Overall it was great, you did a great job and I would recommend it to other choirs!“ conductress Marni Strome, Calgary Children´s Choir